What is a dandelion for God’s kingdom?

  • Singular in root, a long, strong, resilient root that can work around obstacles, focused on reaching the Living Water.
  • This long strong root makes the dandelion a perfect “companion plant” by bringing up nutrients to those planted nearby that might have shallower roots.
  • The purpose of the dandelion is to have a Ministry built out of a “crown”, which draws its life blood from the light of the Son.
  • Every ministry is singular and focused, generating great glorious beauty.
  • The ministry turns to face the Son, basking in His light, and refuses the darkness.
  • The more mature the root and crown, the more ministries can be borne upon it.
  • With healing balm within the very blood of the dandelion, the dandelion can bring comfort and soothe the pains of others.
  • The leaves of the crown, full of that cleansing blood, are nourishment for the hungry.
  • The root is a tonic, a strengthener that brings cleansing, helping to filter out what is toxic from within us.
  • Our beauty brings joy to those who can see the glory within us.
  • And like a dandelion’s beautiful flower helps to ripen the fruits of other plants around it, we help ripen the fruits of those laboring for good. 
  • We are often unwanted in many places, we seem to “mess up” what would otherwise be a “perfect lawn”; people often find us to be a nuisance.  Our very presence seems to bring a self-conviction and discomfort to those the Spirit is trying to address.  People try very hard to drive Christians from the world.  But we will not be easily removed.  Because of the life within us, we are able to survive and even thrive in even the most inhospitable places, making life better for those around us.
  • The ultimate purpose of the dandelion is to be “clothed in white” and led forth by the wind of the Spirit, carried to wherever the Spirit would have us be planted, and there to begin again the process of spreading the Glory of God.